Interactive 3D Walkthrough
flaunt your creation to be, before it is created...

Fourth Dimension Solutions has recently created a first in the world, "The Interactive 3D Walkthrough". With this application, a user can interact with a Computer Generated (CG) environment that doesn't exist, just as he/she would interact with a 360° virtual tour. The best thing is that the user doesn't have to wait for the virtual tour to load for more than 10-15 seconds on a 256 kbps or above connection.

A prospective client visiting your website can have a look at what you intend to build in the future, whether it be homes, hotels, manufacturing units, or any other kind of property as if he/she is actually there. The person can look left, right, up, down, or zoom in/out of anything and go explore any location of their choice within the walkthrough.

Interactive 3D Walkthrough Vs. Regular 3D Walkthrough
Interactive 3D Walkthrogh
Regular 3D Walkthrough
Fully interactive, so a user can go anywhere and see anything he/she likes This is a video, so the user can not interact with it and has to see whatever is shown
Downloads within 10-15 seconds in high resolution and within 30 seconds in Full HD* Starts in about 1 minute and keeps buffering and stopping throughout*
More realistic and life like Looks artificial
User can navigate to different locations using a floor plan or site layout No such option available


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Interactive 3D Walkthrough
flaunt your creation to be, before it is created...

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