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We're always on the lookout for creative minds which can combine with the creative forces at Fourth Dimension Solutions and create the extraordinary. Welcome to the highly creative and talented workplace of effervescent Fourth Dimension Solutions which exudes an obvious positive chemistry which has the extra problem-solving power. We are all go-getters in our own right…inspired individuals who are willing to take e-initiatives and excel despite odds in this less-than-perfect-world.

We are knit together into a successful team that beats with one heart. Give us a task and sleep tight ‘coz you have just heard the assuring words, ‘It shall be done!’ After all, which problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking? Nothing can better summarize the determination, the endurance, the loyalty, the passion and the personal responsibility of Team 4D. 

If you are an unconventional, original thinker who wants to take control of his/her career and are ready to ace the tests that come your way, no matter what the obstacles, then drop in your resume at We will help rekindle the go-getter in you.

Current Vacancies

3D Visualisers- We're looking for creative architectural 3D Visualisers, so if you think that's you, then send across your resume to